How much does it cost?

Speakeasy has a 7-day free trial followed by a monthly or yearly subscription. The price depends on the market you're in on the iOS App Store, but in the US, we're currently offering our early users discounted pricing of $1.99/month (only $0.06 per day!) or $14.99/year (only $0.04/day!).

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancel any time from your device in Settings at least a day before the renewal date. Go to Settings, tap your name/Apple ID, then Subscriptions. Please note that plans automatically renew until cancelled. If you have any issues, contact help@speakeasydictation.com.

Why am I asked to "Allow Full Access"? What is it?

Granting Full Access simply allows the keyboard to connect to the internet. You need to be connected to the internet to use Speakeasy’s dictation (more below on why we do this, but basically, it’s necessary to provide the most accurate dictation).

Why does it jump to the app when I use the keyboard?

Unfortunately this is a security requirement from Apple - they don’t allow keyboards to initiate actions from an app without opening the app. We did have things set up to automatically jump back to the app where you’re using the keyboard but this is also not allowed by Apple.

Does Speakeasy work offline?

No, Speakeasy requires an internet connection. This is because we use 2 very accurate but resource-intensive AI models for dictation and post-processing that are currently too powerful to run on a smartphone, and would also make Speakeasy take up gigabytes of space.

What languages do you support? When will you add more?

Our full list of currently supported languages is below. The AI we use to do the audio to text part of dictation, Deepgram, is constantly adding support for more languages. We add them to Speakeasy as soon as they become available. This is happening quite quickly - just last month they added 7 new languages including Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

What data do you collect?

For a full rundown, review our Privacy Policy, but TLDR: we NEVER have access to or store your audio or dictated text. We collect metadata about usage (e.g. total minutes of dictation), but this is not linked to you. Your data is not used for training AI models.

Is Speakeasy available on desktop?

Not yet! But we have something in the works.

Is Speakeasy available on Android?

Not yet! Unfortunately it might be a while before we get to this because of other features we’ve prioritized.

Do you need beta testers for new features?

Always! Reach out to us at help@speakeasydictation.com if you’re interested.