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Speakeasy Dictation

Type at the speed of thought with AI-powered dictation for iOS, available directly in any app.


Never feel limited by typing again. Speakeasy makes taking quick notes on ideas, responding to messages, and transcribing lectures and interviews easy and effortless.

2x More Accurate Than Apple

State-of-the-art AI for the most accurate dictation on the market—so good you’ll never need to review or edit.

Use in Any App

Dictate in any app directly with our keyboard - capture quick notes and to-dos, reply to messages, transcribe lectures and interviews.

Captures What You Mean, Not Just What You Say

Removes filler words, mistakes, and repeats. Writes what you mean, not what you say, even when speaking off the cuff.

Smart Punctuation and Grammar

Automatically adds the right punctuation so that your writing is grammatically correct. No need to say “Quotes”, “Period”, “Comma”.

30+ Languages, Regional Spelling

Supports 30+ languages including Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, and more. Outputs with regionalized spelling (e.g. UK English, Brazilian Portuguese).

Privacy First

Your audio and transcriptions are yours alone and always private.

Fast, effortless dictation for iOS.

Enter text 5x faster than typing, error-free and effortless. Download the app now.